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BiznusSoft Payroll streamlines manually intensive HR processes into simple and intuitive tasks using Payroll processing with a Vertex engine that addresses all core payroll needs. The Payroll module offers HR departments the control, flexibility and analytics needed to support their
organization, all on the Salesforce platform



Streamline Your Payroll Process

Complete HR solution for onboarding, evaluating, compensating and terminating your workers. 

  • Seamless integration between Core HR and Payroll to manage changes for benefits, terminations and life events.

  • Employees have the ability to request time off, view paychecks and make payment elections using our self-service solution, which is compatible both on mobile and desktop.


Customizable Payroll Solution to Meet Your Needs

Most payroll solutions provide solutions which are generic and don’t always meet each individual’s needs. BiznusSoft solutions can be configured and customized to address your organization’s key payroll requirements and pain points. 

  • Highly configurable: Configure pay periods, accumulations and balances according to your current calculations and reporting needs.

  • Role and permission based security: Flexible security allows you to configure permission sets and roles as required by your organization.

  • Open architecture: Integrate the solution with any other 3rd party solution as you need.

Key Benefits
  • Leverage Vertex for accurate payroll calculations Note: In the US & Canada

  • Flexible pay periods to different set of employees

  • Self-service employee access to pay stubs, W-2 forms, etc.

  • Audit/Validation process for payroll

  • Custom reports for insights into payroll

  • Automatic tax and compliance updates

  • Built natively on the Salesforce Enterprise Platform

Rules in Place

BiznusSoft Payroll provides complete control. Address the pain points found in traditional systems with a highly configurable and customizable solution. 

  • Data management: Access pay results for any worker or period with our reports. Run canned reports for pay calculations or custom reports on the fly. 

  • Lower cost: One-in-all solution results in lower maintenance and integration costs. Updates are automatically upgraded in the system. 


Payroll at a Glance

Reports & Dashboards

  • Run predefined reports or schedule automated emails to be sent out

  • Configure or customize reports to display any earnings, deductions, and balances

  • View reports in any dashboard format

  • Reports at any level: Groups or Individuals

  • Compare payroll for months or years

  • Export to PDF/Excel or CSV with a click of a button

Process Payroll

  • Calculate on any earning, deduction, or accumulation for any time period

  • Run in batch mode for employee group, at worker level with a single click

  • Multiple pay roll runs with unique calculations

  • Manage each pay cycle from pre-processing to post-processing activities

  • Tax updates from Vertex are delivered automatically 

Employee Self-Service

  • View your paycheck from any device
    (computer or mobile)  

  • Choose your benefit selections

  • Update your profile and bank account information

  • Change voluntary deductions

Calculate Earnings

  • Define rules for earnings and deductions

  • Integration with benefits management to take benefit deductions into account for earnings

  • Add eligibility criteria as needed

  • Validate net pay calculations

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