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Human Resources

Manage your people, not your software.

Engage & Empower Employees

Cultivate a company culture built on engagement and collaboration using our configurable, customizable and scalable HR platform.

Our Services

Services Provided
  • Employee Records

  • Workforce Management

  • Employee Self-Service Module

  • Asset Management

  • Training Management

  • Reporting & Dashboards

  • Mobile

  • Flexible Evaluation Processes

  • Direct Employee Feedback

  • Detailed Competency Management with Custom Scoring metrics

  • Complete in-app reviews for the evolving work environment

  • Every Metric is Reportable & Visualized on their Work Centers

  • Tie into your hiring & compensation plans

  • Project Timekeeping

  • Time Clock

  • Define your Shift Rules

  • Flexible Leave Management

  • Setup your Approval Processes

  • Calculate Payroll by Pay Codes

  • Freely Report on Time Data

  • Visualize your data and take corrective action.

  • Process Payroll 

  • Calculate Earnings

  • Reports & Dashboards

  • Employee Self-Service

  • Tax Agency Payment Outsourcing

  • Easily Integrate with Third-party Financial Applications 

  • Manage Positions within the Company

  • Create Job Openings

  • Delegate of HR & Recruiter's work

  • Give Managers & Supervisors the ability to request for a Job Opening

  • Bridge the communication gap between Supervisors & the HR Recruiter department

  • In-built Candidate Portal to manage Candidate Applications, Communication, Interviews, and Offers

  • Fast-tracked Onboarding & New Hire data entry through reusing information entered at each process from Position, Job Opening, Candidate, to their Job Application info

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