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Field Service

Manage your business, not your software.

Optimize Field Service Operations

Empower your customers and partners by providing them the visibility they need. With communities, your customers and partners can engage with you 24/7 using online portals, which will help drive higher rates of customer satisfaction, low service delivery cost and increased sales.

Our Services

Account Management

Account Page1.png

  • Store all of your account related information in the form of Prospects, Customers and Vendors.

  • The 360-degree page provides a holistic view of your Account's Contacts, Quotes, Work Orders, Installed Products, Sites, and Contract specific documents.

  • Maintain additional account information such as billing addresses, shipping addresses, tax information & contact information.

Quotation Management

  • Setup approval processes for your quotations and contracts.

  • Provide quotations to your customers for potential sales and service orders.

  • Calculate your Sale Taxes automatically with up-to-date sales tax tables.

  • Generate, attach and email quotations to your customers.

  • Generate Work Orders directly from your Quotations the moment they are approved.

Work Order 111.png
  • Reserve your inventory from a warehouse & dispatch your technicians all from the same page.

  • Automate your status updates on work orders to keep your team well-informed, and Capture your technicians' time and location through their time entries. 

  • Document Expenses incurred by your workers on a Work Order, and Assign Warranties to your Items to determine what is billable.

  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions such as: PayPal or Authorize .net to track payment information.

Work Order Management


Workforce Management

  • Store the information of all your employees from a single page.


  • Define varying skill sets and pay rates for each employee.


  • Categorize your employees based on their skills, region, and level of expertise.


  • Track your technicians' locations via Google Maps.

  • Setup multiple inventory sites which store Serial Controlled, Lot Controlled, Non-Controlled, and Non-Material items.

  • Reserve inventory specifically for your work orders and set minimum and maximum thresholds.

  • Stock Adjustments & Stock Transfers: Adjust or transfer inventory from one site to another while maintaining accurate and credible transaction records.

Inventory Management 

Inventory Page1.png

Dispatch Console

  • View all ready to schedule Work Orders on a calendar with your Technician's availability.


  • Manage the assignment of your Work Orders while maintaining historical records of all technicians previously assigned.


  • Integrate with the salesforce calendar to keep your technicians updated.


  • Integrate with Google maps to view the customer locations.


Agreement and Warranty Management 

  • Reference Agreements and Warranties on your Installed Products.


  • Define periodic visits that automatically generate Work Orders based on the visit frequency.

  • Document Expenses incurred by your workers on a Work Order, and Assign Warranties to your Items to determine what is billable.

  • Attach Warranties to your Agreements to track the duration of coverage provided.

Purchase Order Management

  • Strategically create Purchase Orders based on existing parts requisitions and inventory thresholds.


  • Maintain your Purchase Order management process from within the system. From placing your order to receiving inventory, Field Service provides a structured and simple purchasing process.


  • Forward your Purchase Orders directly to your Vendors and receive responses in real-time.


Customer Community Portal

  • Mobile Optimized and can create and customize your own Themes particular to your branding.


  • Provides your customer the ability to track their Open, In Progress, and Closed Work Order History. Keep Customer Specific Profiles and Security.


  • Check on the Service History for their their Purchased/Rental Assets.

  • Support and Service to be all within the same ecosystem to reduce delays, and wasteful double entries of data.

  • Ability for your Customer to provision a Quote, RMA, and/or Service Order on their own accord.

Partner Community Portal

  • Mobile Optimized and can create and customize your own Themes particular to your branding.


  • Assign Third-party Contractor to Work Orders in the system to login and check their assigned jobs, update jobs in the system itself to reduce double entry and enforce compliance to your Company's standards.


  • Expose Partner Vendors your Item Catalog to submit their own Orders for more supplies.

3processed (12).png
1Account Mobile.png

Mobile Technologies

  • Supports all leading Mobile Technologies 10S, Android, Salesforce, etc.


  • Track Customer/Contact details, Installed Products, Work Order and more right from your mobile device.


  • Allow your technicians to manage accounts, inventory & work orders, and Have your technicians log time directly from their mobile device.

  • Capture customer signatures while onsite using your own templates.

  • Provide your customers with surveys to capture and report on technician performance.

Reports and Dashboards: 

  • Robust reporting on all aspects of service organization enables viewing employee's or company's performance, profits, customers, etc.


  • Provides an ability to track the total Open, In Progress, and Closed Work Orders.


  • Track your technicians' utilization by comparing their actual hours vs. the estimated hours for the Work Order.


Returns Material Authorization​

  • From simple returns to fault resolution, track your returned items at each stage of the returns process.

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