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BiznusSoft Time & Attendance

BiznusSoft Time & Attendance is a configurable, customizable, and intuitive time-and-attendance application native to Salesforce. Based on Software as a Service platform, this solution works seamlessly with Payroll to provide organizations with a holistic user experience that works on the web and mobile devices. Centralized Time & Attendance empowers organizations with increased worker productivity, lower labor costs, and up-to-date compliance.

Your Way to Track

Your way to Pay

BiznusSoft HR comes with multiple methods of Timekeeping, from either Daily or Weekly Project-based Time Sheets, to Timecards with Time Clocks. All available from the web, Mobile, and even physical Time Clock options.


  • Daily Time Sheet

  • Weekly Time Sheet

  • Time Tracker

  • Web Time Clock

  • Mobile Time Clock

  • Physical Time Clock

How you Pay, is up to you. It can be set individually from Salary, to Daily Time, Weekly Time, to Punch-In Punch-Out Timecards. Choose one, and it will all centralize into one reportable metric.

Your Way to Track; your way to Pay..png
The Time Sheets.png

The Time Sheets


  • Review all previous time sheets from their assignment

  • Review all time sheets and expenses submitted for approval either by contractor, project, or company

  • Access all previously approved and rejected time sheets and expenses from assignments

  • Enter time sheets and expenses on behalf of the consultant if needed

  • Centralized Approval center to track where a Requisition is at in it’s process.

The Time Tracker

  • Punch-in, Punch-Out capabilities are also available for the Time Sheets via our Project-Task based Time Tracker

  • Customize on various settings, create Global Projects, require Assignments for availability 

  • Task Management as well can both include Global Tasks & Comments. As well as Project specific ones easily

The Time Tracker_edited.jpg
The Time Clock.png

The Time Clock

  • Available where you need it, on the devices you need it.

  • From the Web you can access it via your browser, or our Mobile solution

  • Need a Kiosk? Choose from Windows Surface, iOS, or Android Tablets

  • Whether you need facial recognition, fingerprint, RFID, HIC, or other Smart Card readers, we have options for all

Setting up your

Time Off

  • Fully Flexible Time Off Type/Leave Types that can be Org wide, to location specific. Each Time Off Type can have their own Pay Code for automatic Payroll Time calculation.

  • Manage Entitlement settings, Balances, and more here from one location at the Company. Choose between Hours or Days, and even have the ability to add in limited available Time Off Types for a constantly evolving & diverse workforce.

Setting up your Time Off.png
Requesting Time Off.png

Requesting Time Off

From an Employee perspective, everything they need is located right here on their Work Center. Available from both Desktop browsers, to a Mobile app. It’s simple for your workforce to submit their leave Requests

Manager Dashboard

Time clock software that simplifies your day-to-day operations so you can track and manage employee work hours.

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