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BiznusSoft Time & Attendance

BiznusSoft Time & Attendance is a configurable, customizable, and intuitive time-and-attendance application native to Salesforce. Based on Software as a Service platform, this solution works seamlessly with Payroll to provide organizations with a holistic user experience that works on the web and mobile devices. Centralized Time & Attendance empowers organizations with increased worker productivity, lower labor costs, and up-to-date compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient workforce management

  • Lower labor costs

  • Up-to-date compliance

  • Increased worker utilization

  • Lower total cost of ownership

Key Features

  • Flexible time entry (4 methods)

  • Wall based time clocks

  • Time approvals

  • Real-time updates

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Time off requests

  • Leave entitlement automation

Reduce Labor Costs with a One-Stop Shop HR Solution

BiznusSoft’s end-to-end HR solution streamlines processes and saves on significant integration costs compared to other systems.

  • Proactive approach: BiznusSoft Time & Attendance delivers complete insight into HR, payroll, PTO and time-tracking processes. Real-time reporting empowers management to plan ahead and take

       corrective actions.

  • Accurate calculation: BiznusSoft Time & Attendance is empowered by Vertex, which has a robust calculation engine, thus resulting in accurate payroll for all employees.

  • Built natively on the Salesforce Enterprise Platform: The eco-system enables the solution to easily integrate with any 3rd party applications and can also seamlessly integrate with any current Salesforce system. 


T&A at a Glance

Flexible Time Entry
  • Daily/Weekly timesheets

  • Wall-based time clocks

  • Project time tracking

Mobile/Web Time Clock
  • Location-based check-in and check-out

  • Employee activity history

Time Approvals
  • Flexible manager/supervisor approvals

  • Activity feed approvals

  • Mass approvals

Time Calculation
  • Real-time calculations based on federal/state rules (OT, DT, etc.)

  • Shift management and oversee multiple shifts with different rules

  • Accurate payroll calculations using Vertex

Time Off Management
  • Paid/unpaid time off

  • Holiday management

  • Time off accruals

Open Architecture
  • Integration with:

    • major financial systems​

    • ERP systems

    • other payroll providers

BiznusSoft Time & Attendance is a complete time solution that is accessible anytime and at any location, both online and on mobile platforms. It engages the employee for better adoption across the workforce, giving companies the ability to streamline and simplify time and attendance processes. Managers can now quickly and efficiently approve time, monitor employee performance and reward the best performers.

 Improve Productivity with Employee Empowerment

  • Configurable modes of time entry:
    Utilize the best method for the type of worker.

  • Enhanced security: Security can be set up to enable supervisors to override time entry and time off errors. 

  • Multi-layer approvals: Automated and multi-layer approvals can be arranged as needed.

  • BiznusSoft wall/kiosk-based time clocks: BiznusSoft T&A lets you configure Android/Windows tablets to work as time clocks. You can customize the look by picking up enclosures of your choice. 

Employers can reduce compliance risks by eliminating manual errors in pay rules around rates, hours worked and overtime.

Mitigate Compliance Risks
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