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BiznusSoft Performance Management

Effective HR performance plays a crucial role in facilitating performance management within organizations. It enables businesses to ensure that their employees have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, receive valuable and constructive feedback, and are provided with the necessary support to help them achieve their personal and company-wide objectives. Performance management involves a structured process that typically includes setting clear goals and expectations, regular performance evaluations, feedback sessions, and development plans. HR performance software streamlines this process, making it more efficient and transparent for both employees and managers. By automating tasks such as goal tracking and performance appraisal, it empowers organizations to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Performance Grouping

With Performance groups we simplify the following

Save the following


  • Evaluation Scheduling

  • Set up default Evaluation Rules by Position

  • Automate the Create of Evaluation records in the system

  • Notify Employees, their Direct Manager, and Peers of when Evaluations start, and how to access them

Performance Grouping.png
Competencies Setup & Sets.png

Competencies Setup & Sets

Many times in evaluations the Competencies don’t matter. So to help try eliminate that, at each level of the Competency it is configurable. Below is each level you can change out values.

  • Competency Name

  • Competency Category

  • Competency Description

  • Competency Ratings

  • Titles of Ratings

  • Description of Ratings

  • Scoring Factor

  • Weight Factors in it’s Category

Regardless though, these can be saved by Competency Set so you can have Position Specific Competencies and Scoring to help eliminate the 5/5 across the board type of scores within your organization.

Goals, Milestones, and Alignment

Goals are important to an evaluation process. And Employee Goals should have the ability to align with their Team’s goals, Manager’s goals, and ultimately the Company’s current goals. With a dual evaluation approach to Goals, the Worker can target personalized metrics, while management can evaluate how it can align with the overall strategy for a particular Team, Division, Department, or Organization.

Goals, Milestones, and Alignment.png
The Evaluations.png

The Evaluations

Centralized all in one screen to make Evaluations simple, and easy to go through by your team with built in Performance Summary PDFs, and built-in Signing you can complete the evaluation from start-finish all in app.

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