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BiznusSoft Payroll

Directly integrated with BiznusSoft HR, we’re already halfway there to having Payroll ready to go. Payroll Processing with a direct feed from Employee’s Time Sheets with their Pay Codes. Report on ongoing Cost of Payroll compared to front-end revenue metrics with Sales or Operations. Easily Integrate with Third-party Financial Applications for passing over Payroll data to eliminate necessary double entry.

Payroll Setup

From Company to Company, we try to make the setup as painless as possible. By having default Pay Codes populate in the system, to flexible Pay Schedules, and Payroll Tax Codes to prepopulate with as much information as possible, and finally using help text wherever necessary to ensure BiznusSoft can effectively setup, and implementations smoothly.

Payroll Setup.png


  • Our goal was to make Payroll Simple and Easy to manage from a Payroll aspect. Your Data arrives through different methods in the system. And our App processes them for Pay using industry standard and proven calculation tools.

  • Auditing tools are available to see instantly if W-4 Forms are missing, if for some reason an Employee no longer has an Active Pay Rate, in the system, and more to reduce mistakes during the Payroll Processing procedure.

  • Earnings Clearly defined and separated out by EIN based upon “Project” they had worked on.

Payroll Reporting

From Reconciliation to Tax Code Summaries, we’ve worked with the Top Tax Providers to generate and pass over required Reporting details from our clients to ourselves, or to even use on their own. Hard Copy files for archival as well as real-time updated data summaries. You’re covered in your record-keeping.

Payroll Reporting.png

Payroll tax with Vertex

A backend Tax Engine provider that specializes in keeping up to date on the latest Payroll Tax Rate changes across the US & Canada.  With our Geocoding Software, and Work Site coding, when we pass over Employee Earnings, Deductions, and Tax History data to them, we can ensure BiznusSoft Payroll numbers are accurate for collection and payment to the various Tax Agencies across the nation.


A Proven Industry Solution

Within the Payroll Application Provider industry, as well as PEOs, etc. Navigating the American Tax system can be a challenge to say the least, so BiznusSoft partnered up with a Provider who tries to give all the tools & information available to do so.

  • Signing up with new Local Tax Agencies

  • Informing you of the methods of payment they accept and managing those payment schedules.

  • Provide an interface to impound Tax money into a designated account and automate the movement of said money when available.

  • Facilitate New Hire Reporting, and can offer Wage Garnishment Services.

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