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BiznusSoft Workforce Managment

At the root of our solution is Onboarding HR, which encompasses your organizational structure, accurate & historical worker records, self-service tools, asset management, and training management modules.

Organization Management

Setup your basic settings, add Work Locations, Departments, and more. And then Import your Team.

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Employees Management.png

Employees Management


See the list of active employees and make changes on the go.


For Associates & Supervisors we try to centralize all their day-to-day needs in one location of what we call the Work Center, which is available from both Desktop & Mobile.

One place to navigate from, and configurable by role & modules enabled.

Is its own functioning Component, within our framework, so can be placed anywhere combined with any other components, reports & dashboards. Calendars, and more.

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Expense Management.png

Expense Management

Our Expense functionality allows you to log Expense Reports from both your browser and phone.

And provide the following functions

  • Billable to Accounts(Customers), and Projects

  • Flexible Approvals

  • Reimbursable Designation

  • Mileage calculation pulling from Company approved rates.

  • Per Diem Capabilities by integrating with for all travel in the US.

  • Flexible Expense Types

  • File Upload of Expenses

  • Printable View of the Expense Report

  • Integrate with tools like Expensify for receipt scanning & more.


Training/Certification Tracking

As part of the base application, nowadays it’s important to keep up on your workforce’s skills, and certifications. Some industries it’s almost a requirement to stay in compliance with government agencies. As part of Workforce Management and Onboarding you do the following.

  • Relate Training Programs to Positions & Job Openings

  • Upon Onboarding an Employee, automatically enroll them into said Programs.

  • Through automated emails & notifications keep your workforce up-to-date on Due Dates, as well as your management to act upon it and take necessary measures to stay in compliance.

  • Utilize this data for Compensation, and rewards those who are highly skilled and have the data to back it up.

Training_Certification Tracking.png
Employee & Company Asset Mangement.png

Employee & Company Asset Management

As Companies scale the need for IT grows evermore, and it’s key to effectively track and communicate what your Employees need for provisioning from Equipment like Laptops, Docking Stations, Cars, etc.; to less tangible aspects like Software Licensing. As standard we provide this module to work with our Onboarding & Offboarding functions.

  • Reduce lag time for IT provisioning by tying Recruitment & Onboarding to Employee Asset Management

  • Hand an automatically generated list to your IT team and track the status of procurement by eliminating back and forth communications.

  • Eliminate excess Software Licensing Costs by designating what position needs what Software, and during Termination, hand-off a list of Licenses to deactivate on what date, and use reporting tools to keep up on the status of deprovisioning Software Licenses.

  • Often, software licenses can stay provisioning for 2-3 months or longer than required due to a lack of direct communication between Termination of an Employee & the IT department.

Benefit Administration

Enroll your team into Employer provided Benefits, manage Employer & Employee Contribution amounts. Connect to Benefit Provider Platforms for to pass enrollment data to and from the system to eliminate double entry. Increase transparency for both the Company and the individual about costs, and options available to them.

Benefit Administration.png
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