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Bay State/PR

“To streamline our reports, orders and inventory as well as add employee accountability, we implemented BiznusSoft Field Service. We’re impressed with the quality support and our field technicians were able to start using their tablets quickly and easily.  The software is user-friendly, and we love that all the information we need is compiled all in one place. We look forward to working with BiznusSoft to add further functionality in the future.”


Paul Curry | President of Bay State Textiles and PR Textile Recycling


Bay State Textiles and PR Textile Recycling solve the problem of unwanted textiles going to landfills. Both companies create and implement collection and recycling programs oriented to the needs of schools and communities. Having 40 years of experience in the post-consumer textile waste industry, Bay State and PR Textiles service near 200 municipalities throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Puerto Rico.


Bay State and PR previously used tools such as clipboards and spreadsheets to take track inventory, schedule service and complete other important tasks. However, the companies’ recent growth and expansion soon caused this traditional record keeping practice to become cumbersome to maintain.  To tackle this issue, a freelance developer was hired to create a custom software system from scratch, which was a daunting process leaving the project ultimately unfinished. That is when Paul turned to BiznusSoft.


Bay State and PR chose BiznusSoft as their Field Service business solution because the software is built on the solid, powerful Salesforce platform—no more “reinventing the wheel.” After a multitude of sessions of identifying the pain points for both companies, BiznusSoft got to work designing a business solution catered to their needs that is integrated seamlessly with the companies’ Quickbooks system.



Drivers were managing and collecting data via clipboard and then administrators had to input this data into spreadsheets to manage all this data. Now drivers in real time are capturing data. This data can now be formulated into professional reports using the same system BiznusSoft. Long gone was the series of paper documentation used to capture the collections at each stop. Using BiznusSoft Field Service, drivers could log into any mobile device to navigate directly to each stop location and mark what and how much was collected. The system also provided office personnel insight to which drivers were being dispatched along with the routes they were assigned for the week, allowing allocate drivers efficiently. Meanwhile, geofencing rules provided both companies with the granularity needed to ensure driver accountability and compliance.


Cumbersome collection reports were personalized and automized to capture the weights for each municipality and calculate the rebate each municipality was eligible for. Nowadays, Paul doesn’t have to inspect the quality or completion of every order, because Field Service will let him know at a glance if something is wrong.

“We now know what is going on everywhere at any time, and we know what inventory is in any trucks and trailers,” Paul explained.


No more inventory discrepancies.


While both companies are still in the process of learning about all the new features they have access to, both agree on the increase in utilization offered from the benefits of implementing BiznusSoft Field Service.


Drivers from both companies are now handling jobs more confidently than ever and look forward to working with BiznusSoft to add even more new features in the future.

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