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“The level of support BiznusSoft provides us is the same now as it was when we began our partnership three and a half years ago.”


Dee Mayfield / Payroll Administrator / HillPhoenix



Many see HillPhoenix as the brand to turn to when keeping food fresh. Based in Georgia, they’re a refrigeration company whose tidy operations and penchant for growth have earned them a reputable name. Yet, they faced a dilemma.


Managing employee time records and payroll became a concern for HillPhoenix. Furthermore, any substantial system changes required approval, and this process proved arduous time and time again. Finally, the constant upgrades required by the previous vendor added to their pain points.


HillPhoenix’s vision entailed access to all vital employee records across one system. By integrating BinzusSoft HR, this allows them extensive access to payroll and timekeeping information via one easy-to-use platform.


Retrieving relevant system data has been made possible for HillPhoenix’s timekeepers. Most importantly, employee information is properly secured and raring for use.


HillPhoenix’s temporary workforce is another benefitting party from the changes made to the timekeeping system. Once their workers add their information to the database, their onsite manager can enter the timekeeping system and use the data allotted to run time reports. In essence, neither party is held back by pesky software limitations any longer.


In the end, HillPhoenix is relieved not only to have received a viable HR solution willing to grow with them, but the unwavering technical support they have.

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