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Bonafide Security Solutions

“BiznusSoft team is very helpful, they did a fabulous job, and they are definitely good at teaching. The most appealing feature for us is the ability to customize the system, we like the platform and BiznusSoft’s commitment to make it a success. The new system is the best one we have ever had.”

Mike Egan, CEO of Bonafide Security Solutions




Bonafide Security Solutions is Wisconsin's premier source of commercial/residential security hardware and services, offering safes, locks, surveillance, alarms, security systems, banking security equipment, master keys, deadbolt locks, padlocks and much more.
Bonafide has been looking for a better Field Service Solution for several years. They have used and or evaluated multiple vendors before selecting BiznusSoft. Bonafide wanted a system, which could eliminate their pain points on inventory and invoices.



Bonafide Security Solutions team has been always struggling with Inventory and Invoicing processes. Their vision was to calculate profitability by work orders and to take corrective actions as needed to improve their margins if the KPI’s were not met. Other limitations were that the mobile solution they used was not cloud-based, was very slow and not accessible on different platforms. 


By implementing BiznusSoft Field Service and HR applications, Bonafide team can create Quotes twice as faster than before and can convert them into agreements and work orders as needed.  Invoice pain points have been addressed and the process is much smoother than before.
Dispatching is easier than before with the drag and drop features to assign jobs to available technicians. Some of the inventory pain points have been eliminated and BiznusSoft team is working very closely with Bonafide to resolve the remaining pain points as quickly as possible. The new mobile solution eliminated all issues related to accessibility, multiple platform support etc. The solution is highly configurable/customizable and Bonafide is working with BiznusSoft team to evolve it into an industry leading solution. With the power of reporting module, Bonafide’s team can create their own reports/dashboards on the fly.

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