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BizConnect is a powerful integration platform to connect your key business processes between multiple systems. BizConnect provides a user-intuitive interface, which lets you configure the integration quickly and easily. 

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Scalable Architecture, Holistic Solution

BizConnect seamlessly migrates data from one system to another without storing client data, eliminating data security risks. In our first release, BizConnect is focused on integrating data from the Salesforce platform and other leading software solutions, and vice versa. Integrations can be done with both online and on-premise software solutions. 


BizConnect uses a combination of website and connector configuration to set up the integrations.

  • Website Configuration: Website interface lets the user select the source and destination systems, define integration points easily by selecting data elements with a click of a button and selecting the type of sync (one-way or two-way).


  • Connector: The connector install is needed for on-premise software. User will install and configure the integration from their server.

Vision to Execution

BizConnect delivers quick ROI by providing predefined integration points between multiple cloud and on-premise systems.

Streamline your operations by building easy integration between Salesforce and Quickbooks, Dynamics and Sage. 

Value to Customers

  • Click and Configure approach

  • Secure SSL environment

  • No data in the system

  • Robust error handling and reporting

  • Customized support for all integration points

  • Quicker return on investment

  • Lower total cost of ownership

Current Solutions

  • Salesforce - QuickBooks Online

  • Salesforce - QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Salesforce - MS Dynamics

  • Salesforce - MS Great Plains

  • Salesforce - Sage Solutions

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