• Moiz Mohammed

BiznusSoft Partners with Vertex to Provide Comprehensive Tax Solutions to Customers

October 28, 2019

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL­— BiznusSoft proudly partners with Vertex to strategically position BiznusSoft as a complete HRIS solution provider.

Vertex is a celebrated pioneer and global leader in tax management technology. The company provides cloud and on-premise solutions for sales and use, value-added and payroll tax across industries.

“We are excited to partner with Vertex because of the level of trust companies around the world have for Vertex solutions,” Moiz Mohammed, CEO of BiznusSoft, said. “These connections are significant for BiznusSoft to continue to provide a one-stop-shop software solution experience for business owners and management.”

Founded in 2013 and located near Chicago, Illinois, BiznusSoft is an innovative SaaS provider of maintenance-free field service, HR, inventory and financial management software.

Contact BiznusSoft or schedule a software demo by calling 866-251-8432 or visiting www.biznussoft.com.

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