• Moiz Mohammed

BiznusSoft Launches BizConnect Platform

September 23, 2020

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL - On September 10, 2020 BiznusSoft rolled out beta version of a powerful intuitive platform, BizConnect, which easily connects processes between multiple systems. The initial release is focused on integrating Salesforce platform with other industry leading solutions like Intuit, Microsoft and Sage.

“BizConnect Platform’s vision is to help customers migrate data from one system to another system seamlessly and quickly. Integrating systems is expensive and with BizConnect, we aim to lower the TCO of integrating multiple systems for our customers,” Moiz Mohammed, CEO of BiznusSoft, said.

Founded in 2013 and located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, BiznusSoft is an innovative SaaS provider of maintenance-free field service, HR, and inventory solutions.

Contact BiznusSoft to schedule a software demo by calling 866-215-8432, or by visiting our website at www.biznussoft.com.

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