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Human Resources

Manage your people, not your software.

Engage & Empower Employees

Cultivate a company culture built on engagement and collaboration using our configurable, customizable and scalable HR solution on the Salesforce platform

Services Provided

Our Services

Core HR


ENGAGE your Workforce

- Self-Service available anywhere

- Utilize in-built Collaboration tools.

- Work seamlessly with other core Business Apps

SIMPLIFY and save time

- Centralized HR Employee Portal

- In-built Compliance tools and calculations.

INTEGRATE other Apps

- Native to the Salesforce Platform

- Open-API Access

- Tie it into Operational Software


- Capture KPI metrics real-time   

- Automate reports & dashboards     

- Take recommended actions

Workforce Management

  • Employee Self-service Portal | Central Hub | Work Center where all their basic HR Needs are covered in one location.


  • Project Management for effective employee utilization, and reporting of Time & Expenses to each Project.

  • Organizational Summaries using the strength of Salesforce Reporting and Org Charts.


  • Management of Worker Assets so Recruiters & HR can hand a list of Assets to IT & Procurement for Company Assets/Product Licenses to be provisioned during Onboarding & taken away during Offboarding.

  • Tracking & Reminders of Training Programs for Completion and Renewal. For sensitive industries where keeping up on Worker Certifications are key.


Timekeeping & Leave

Manage Entitlements and Choose between Hours or Days. Ability to have limited-time available Time Off Types for a constantly evolving workforce. For


Employees & Supervisors everything is Available from both their Desktop to the Mobile app. It’s simple for your workforce to submit their leave Requests, Time, and supervisors to review them.

Have basic timekeeping needs? We cover the following in our base offering.​

  • Daily Time Sheet

  • Weekly Time Sheet

  • Time Off/Leave Requests

  • Web & Mobile Timecards for Punch-In Punch-Out

  • For Wall Clocks & any Physical Time Clocks please reach out to us for more information!

Performance Management 

  • Flexible Categorization of Competencies and ratings


  • Setup Evaluation Templates all in-app to make future evaluations easy to create.


  • See at a glance where scores align with Company goals from Reporting to Charts available right from the 360-degree view of the Employee record.


  • Have Managers & Associates complete all documentation in application from viewing, entry, questions, comments, generation of performance summaries, signatures, and submission to HR.


Recruitment Management

  • Manage Positions within the Company and utilize them as Templates to create Job Openings.


  • Able to delegate some of HR & a Recruiter's work through our Job Requisition Process where Managers & Supervisors can put in a request for a Job Opening. Simplify the legwork using the Position Templates above to bridge the communication gap between Supervisors & the HR Recruiter department.


  • Post internally and on your own website easily using our Default Job Opening List page and Job Opening Detail pages. Get URLs from the system to add straight to your website.


  • Get your own Candidate Portal where you can manage Candidate Applications, Communication, Interviews, and Offers.


  • Fast-track Onboarding & New Hire data entry by reusing information entered at each process from Position, Job Opening, Candidate, to their Job Application info.

Reports & Dashboards

  • Utilize an in-app Report Builder & Dashboard builder that ties into your Security

  • Choose from a whole manner of canned Human Resource Reports & Dashboards


  • Visualize any Report in the system through a configurable Report Chart


  • Easily export any report of data in the system


  • Subscribe to Report Updates to automatically be emailed Reports on a basis of your choosing. Updates can be conditional, so you only get the information you need under the circumstances you set


Benefits Management

  • Manage your Benefit Plans & Plan Options


  • Options include allowing Beneficiaries, Employer Contribution Amounts as well as limits


  • Allow Enrollment to get Benefit records and reporting.


  • Integrate with Benefit Platform Providers for getting Benefit Plan information, and tie Enrollment in the system to said Platform(s).

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