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Flexible & Scalable Solution

BiznusSoft Finance is a leading cloud-based financial solution built on Salesforce platform that helps accelerate strategic decision making from critical financial information.


With our Finance software you can, improve your financial and managerial reporting, advance corporate performance, implement better governance and transparency, develop better cash flow, optimize cash management, improve process integration with sales, and reduce overall costs.

Our Services

Accounts Payables
  • Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Invoices

  • Debit Memos

  • Payments

Financial Reporting and Analytics
  • AR/AP Aging Reports

  • Balance Sheet

  • Trial Balance

  • Profit & Loss

Accounts Receivables
  • Sales Orders

  • Billing Invoices 

  • Credit Memos

  • Receipts

Bank and Payment Management
  • Multi-Bank Books

  • Petty Cash Management

  • Deposits & Reconciliations

General Ledger
  • Dimensions

  • GL Account Management

  • GL Sets

  • Transaction Journals