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State of MN

“The BiznusSoft team has been wonderful to work with during each stage of the procurement of their SaaS workforce management system. The needs of the Minnesota Department of Corrections are unlike any of their other customers, and we’ve been extremely impressed with the ability of the team to problem-solve and develop unique solutions for our needs. The team develops changes extremely fast, and they are a fantastic resource that is always available.



Minnesota Department of Corrections is the state agency responsible for overseeing the incarceration and rehabilitation of individuals convicted of crimes in Minnesota. MN DOC manages state prisons, provides probation and parole supervision, and offers various programs aimed at reducing recidivism and promoting successful reintegration into society for.





Department of Corrections had no system to track the time and scheduling of the inmates in program and work assignments. Multiple HR Systems were available in the market, but the department was looking for a solution which was adaptive for their unique environment.

The workload of Inmates requires certain levels of mobility that a traditional time clock can’t accommodate, as they have to move from one work place to another within the day. The alternative of mobile phone-based tracking could also not work, as Inmates can’t possess electronic devices.

The lack of an optimal system resulted in an inability to generate reports and dashboards, a cumbersome time approval process dependent on outdated spreadsheets, and the lack of historical records for archiving.


Solution Implemented


BiznusSoft HR teamed up with MN Department of Corrections to implement our time and attendance solution which streamlined the processes below.


Facility Management: A flexible architectural design to manage the multiple facilities and multiple work areas within the facility, and each work area having multiple job codes. With BiznusSoft HR, work area Supervisors can easily track number of placements, vacant assignments, and participants by work area.


Work Area Assignment: The Work Assignment Coordinator can easily assign, unassign, and transfer incarcerated persons across facilities, work areas, or job codes. Ability to define the hourly rate based on different parameters (job codes, Inmate experience etc.)


Time Tracker: The Supervisors/Timekeepers can capture web time by using Barcode scanner or manually enter hours worked on the Job code daily and submit the biweekly timesheet to the Finance Department.


Offender Evaluation: The Supervisor can adjust the Pay rate Increase/Decrease/Maintain based on multiple parameters (Program Progress, Behavioral Expectations, Organization/Cleanliness, Safety Certificate etc.) which compensated the Inmates based on their performance. The Supervisors could also terminate the Inmate from the work area based on their performance in the work area.

Structured Time Approval Process: With BiznusSoft HR, the Finance users can easily Approve or Reject biweekly timesheets and can generate a report for the inmate banking system.

Reports and Dashboards: HR and Finance Supervisors have access to customizable reports and dashboards and can take pro-active/corrective actions as needed. Few critical reports of utmost importance are
⦁    Active Inmates by Facility/Work Area
⦁    Number of Placements Allocated by Work Area/Job Code
⦁    Missing Payrates per Timesheets
⦁    Timesheet Status
⦁    Total Pay by Facility/Work Area

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