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Facilitec West


Facilitec West

Metercor, Inc. is a growing Canadian company whose aim is to provide revolutionary metering services for their clients; however, their initial organizational issues thwarted this task. 

Their business operations were once characterized by insufficient data, a jumbled account overview interface, and overly-complicated business processes. 


Their desire for ultra-responsive practices compelled them to pair with an industry-specific solutions partner. They desired simple, customized software at an affordable rate. BiznusSoft was ready and raring to provide it for them.

Management Made Simple, Metercor operates under BiznusSoft’s 360- degree account view program. Their contacts, contracts, quotes, work orders, installed products, warranties, and account-related documents are available to them through one tangible platform. Inventory management is simple for them. 


Metercor isn’t in the dark at any point during their inventory management process as they keep an eye on it all from warehouse to truck. As their name would imply, Metercor excels in meter management. 


They’ve seen increased visibility of the meter data recorded on customer site premises. Moreover, data analysis that determines when updates are required couldn’t be simpler. Dispatch management is a breeze for Metercor, as they drag and drop technicians to assorted tasks based on their availability, account specific geographies, and skillsets. 


Custom surveys for client evaluations have become part of the Metercor brand with the help of customized forms. These customized forms have helped Metercor consistently capture feedback from clients, so they can anticipate continuous improvement and increased customer satisfaction in their future. 


Finally, an operation is feasible for Metercor team members from any platform. With the use of the BiznusSoft Field Service mobile solution, viewing and updating service order information, entering expenses, and capturing digital signatures from the client is possible anywhere.


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