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“Our quality engineers can use the tool to analyze failures to further drive product improvements.”


“When we looked at BiznusSoft’s ability and willingness to customize the tool for our use, it was an easy decision.” 


Ron Stevens / Director of Global Customer Service / nLIGHT


nLIGHT, is a leading provider of high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers. It once relied on Microsoft Word for its customer service management. As a company that manufactures lasers, it was easy for them to see the light. 


nLIGHT’s need for efficient software customization and implementation led them to the BiznusSoft Field Service Solution.


Since implementing the BiznusSoft Field Service Solution, nLIGHT enjoys expedient and accurate data entry. Data management is simple as it information lives in a true database versus in a manual tool like Microsoft Excel. 


"Everyone we work with is responsive and helpful.”


Ron Stevens, Director of Global Customer Service, nLIGHT


With BiznusSoft Field Service, nLIGHT now easily tracks service and product performance. Hardware failures and application issues are identified and addressed quickly.


The availability and responsiveness of BiznusSoft’s technical support team have been another benefit for nLIGHT. The company reports a high level of satisfaction with the professionals who take care of their field service needs.

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