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“In the future, I’d like to look at BiznusSoft Field Service as a solution for all my businesses."​


John Leibold / CEO / Leibold Irrigation

“With this system, the ability to understand and report what they do feeds into the efficiency of the next person.”


Richard Walker / System Administrator  / ProPump & Controls, Inc.


In the year 2017, ProPump & Controls, Inc. was taken aback by the colossal level of company growth they saw. They began operations nearly forty years ago, so their abrupt 50% increase in revenue was significant.


Here’s the story behind their metamorphosis: an unscalable system bogged them down, yet their desire to transcend the obsolete led them to a fitting, affordable field service & finance solution that’d advocate for their growth. Out of 150 potential partners, they trusted BiznusSoft to cultivate a chain of efficiency for them. 


ProPump’s improved system solution provides them with structure. All departments are aligned by the software, and it’s clear that everyone at ProPump is using the field service solution to some degree. 


All team members integrated with the middle-of-the-road and bookkeeping systems and implemented field service. And, according to reports, everyone performed well and was satisfied by the change the system brought about. 


Integration with a trusted financial system was advantageous, albeit a complex change for ProPump. The new software proved more reliable than the system that previously housed their finances. 


Furthermore, the new system has enabled CEO John Leibold of Leibold Irrigation, the parent company of ProPump, to gather and use reports to evaluate engineer performance, the number of service calls, building revenue, and parts usage. The amount of data pulled out after six months of business was described as tremendous.

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