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Fluid-Aire Dynamics

Facilitec West


Facilitec West

The software implementation process was intricate and very involved. However, this ensured that optimal customization was provided for Fluid-Aire’s software. Ultimately, the switch affected operations at Fluid-Aire on many levels, primarily the implemented virtual ticketing system. 


No longer do workers pick up physical tickets at the start of each shift. Now it’s all virtual and nicely tailored to their work structure. Handy, the customizable software allowed Fluid-Aire’s application engineer to design equipment tabs and other features that facilitated business for every party. 


Now, trucks, inventory, and workers are easily managed at Fluid-Aire. Overall, Fluid-Aire Dynamics was able to work well and deliver together with the BiznusSoft Field Service Solution. The program fits well with their needs; it’s exactly what they bargained for. By agreeing to partner with our solution, Fluid-Aire now has an intricate, customizable system to work with. 

Fluid-Aire Dynamics are a self-proclaimed solid dosage technology experts who’ve recently secured a spot on the Inc. 5000. However, their previous paper system made fulfilling orders and expanding to other markets two laborious tasks. 


Success in the compressor industry relies greatly on resilience and upward growth. Following a hard look at seven software systems, Fluid-Aire partnered with BiznusSoft to customize their business operations. 


A Mutually Beneficial Partnership, Fluid-Aire sought a user-friendly user interface that’d allow them to access every app under one umbrella. Other solutions seemed viable, though they were riveted by the customizability and affordability that BiznusSoft Field Service guaranteed.
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