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Boys & Girls Club of Metroqueens

“BiznusSoft HR provides a full suite of HR solutions that address key areas of human resources. One of BiznusSoft's significant strengths is its responsive and knowledgeable customer support team. They're prompt, understanding, and solution-oriented.”


Amena Haynes, HR Manager at Metro Queens Boys and Girls



Metro Queens Boys and Girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children and adolescents in the Queens area. With a mission to support youth development, they run various programs and services to enrich the lives of the children under their care. Metro Queens Boys and Girls approached BiznusSoft HR with a specific issue: the need to optimize their HR and payroll processes while integrating them seamlessly within their existing Salesforce ecosystem.




Metro Queens Boys and Girls was previously using ADP as their payroll provider. While ADP was efficient for payroll and time and attendance management, the organization found it necessary to explore more customizable solutions. Additionally, they aimed to consolidate their HR and payroll functions under the Salesforce ecosystem, simplifying employee data management, time tracking, and payroll processing. They desired a unified platform for all HR-related activities, including time management, recruitment, performance evaluation, and payroll management, and BiznusSoft was chosen as their trusted partner.

Solution Implemented


BiznusSoft HR collaborated with Metro Queens Boys and Girls to implement a comprehensive solution that addressed their specific needs. The following modules were implemented:


Time and Attendance System: A robust time and attendance system was integrated with Salesforce, allowing employees to clock in and out seamlessly. This feature simplified attendance tracking and enabled one-login access for all employees.


HR and Payroll Integration: Employee information, time tracking data, and payroll processing were integrated within the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring a single unified platform for all HR-related activities.


Time Off Calendar: Employees could now easily access and view their colleagues' time off schedules, streamlining vacation planning and approval processes.


Weekly Timesheet Approval: The system facilitated a weekly timesheet approval process, making it efficient for HR managers to review and approve time-off requests and hours worked for each employee.


Daily Time Cards: Daily time cards with detailed punch-in and punch-out information were made available for all employees, ensuring transparency and accuracy in tracking working hours.

Employee Information Management: The system incorporated employee profiles with photos, integrated with DocuSign for streamlined document management, and provided support for federal and state forms, contracts, and graphical time sheets.


Payroll Features:


Downloadable Pay Stubs: Employees could easily access and download their pay stubs, enhancing transparency and accessibility.


Multiple Payment Options: The system allowed employees to receive payments in up to three different accounts, providing flexibility not offered by ADP.


Payroll Manager Functions: Payroll managers had the capability to generate pay stubs for all employees efficiently.


Reporting: Robust reporting functionalities were incorporated to provide insights into HR and payroll data, helping Metro Queens Boys and Girls make informed decisions.



With the successful implementation of BiznusSoft HR's comprehensive HR and payroll solution, Metro Queens Boys and Girls experienced improved efficiency in their HR processes, cost savings, and integration with their Salesforce ecosystem. The organization continues to work on expanding the system to cover additional HR functions, including recruitment, performance evaluation, and benefits management, further enhancing its ability to support youth development in the Queens area.

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