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Mountain View

“BiznusSoft team was very responsive and was available for support when we needed them and helped us grow.”


Kristen Doorn, CFO at Mountain View



Mountain View is a provider of agricultural, irrigation, water treatment and electrical projects, services and supplies in Western Canada.

To resolve their pain points and streamline processes, Mountain View started looking for a new Field Service Solution. They evaluated 10+ vendors over a span of 9 months before they decided to partner with Biznussoft.




Mountain View needed an easy-to-use service-oriented platform that can be configured and customized for their Industry and integrated with QuickBooks. Inaccurate tax calculation was their pain point, which was leading to administrative burden, human error and lower productivity. They wanted their technicians to be scheduled and have access to work order data digitally, and they needed a solution which was available on all platforms (iOS, Android) and was user intuitive.



By implementing BiznusSoft Field Service, they were able to customize their tax calculation processes to help automate how taxes were to be uniquely applied and reduce human error. Their previous mobile solution was suitable only for tablets and, moreover, was not user friendly. They use BiznusSoft’s Dispatch Console to schedule technicians where they receive notifications using the Salesforce Application. Technicians can view Work Order descriptions while on the road when they are not in the office to receive a copy of the original paperwork.


Mountain View likes the ability to continuously customize the program to create greater visibility and digitize their organization.

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