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“Our organization has purchased multiple software from BiznusSoft Field Service and HR and we are absolutely thrilled with their platform and customer support! The software is fantastic: it’s user-friendly, has helped us get well organized, analyze large volumes of data, customize reporting, etc.… We will definitely be recommending them to our business partners and using them for our future/additional software needs!” 


Britton Gibson / Project Coordinator  / PVPros


Solar Panel Repair

PVPros is a full-service solar maintenance company specializing in the operation, maintenance, repair, and reconstruction of commercial and utility-scale solar PV systems, and they always have their eyes set on growth.


Previously, they sought to broaden their service offerings. This process would require a reliable and secure application which would aid them in collecting correct information, scheduling, and providing downstream information on completed work.


Furthermore, they sought real-time information on field crew efficiency and open work orders. With a properly designed field service system with QuickBooks, they’d realize revenues and reconcile books with ease. The obvious course of action was to implement a simple yet interactive cloud-based tool. Then, growth would follow suit. 


Myriad research and sorting through partner options led them to the smooth, economic solution that is BiznusSoft Field Service. 



Making Field Service Fit, PVPros’ appetite for brand refinement called for a time-tested implementation approach. Better collaboration, improved user adoption, and reduced project risk are instances of ways PVPros now address key business needs with zero disruption in day-to-day operations.



Getting to Business, Once services are accepted by a prospect, the prospect becomes a customer, and the quote becomes a service order. With their revolutionary service order management system, PV Pros sees growth in real time.


Through integration with QuickBooks, data integrity is the reality for PVPros across multiple systems. Amid PVPros' desire for integration with BiznusSoft HR, time and attendance and expense modules are woven into PVPros' existing payroll system. Thus, monitoring attendance and identifying work costs and profitability are possible through one cohesive platform.

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