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“CDA Systems selected BiznusSoft Solutions for their expertise in the Compressor Industry. BiznusSoft worked with us extensively to deliver a product that is critical to our business success.”


Richard Yue | COO of CDA Systems


Launched in 2009, CDA, which stands for Compressed Dryer and Air Service, is a company that goes the extra mile for its customers and it shows. The company sorely needed a change in software to streamline their reporting, invoicing, accounts receivable and other business practices.


When Richard Yue, CFO of CDA, came to us in 2016, the company was using an amalgamation of ESC and QuickBooks. “ESC is just not a good program, and we rely too heavily on QuickBooks when it doesn’t do everything we need it to do,” said Yue. “Our system is cumbersome and takes a lot of work to use. However, what I envision for the future is using one application that gets every aspect of work done.” 


CDA is in the process of moving their current data to their BiznusSoft Field Service. The company is becoming acquainted with the new software and plans to use it to take over most of the work of QuickBooks. One of the reasons CDA selected BiznusSoft Field Service. was because it interfaces directly with QuickBooks.


CDA is currently utilizing a one-way integration from Field Service to QuickBooks. All transactions go into Field Service, and the only time data goes into QuickBooks is for invoicing and accounts receivable purposes.


Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.48.43 PM.png

“We have added more features to the program to make it more streamlined to our type of business,” Yue explained. “I’ve had a few system conversion experiences from other providers before and none of them have been pleasant, since they were rushed. We are choosing to take our time with this experience, and the technicians and support staff at BiznusSoft have been patient and helpful through every stage of development.”


The Field Service quoting system is a refreshingly smooth for CDA. Yue explains further, “I see everything in the same location. We are in the last stage of fine tuning, and once fully implemented, the program will provide a central database that will give access to a whole lot of data that normally could only be viewed through several applications. I am looking forward to using FS to promote the CRM side of business.”

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