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Facilitec West

“I can’t say enough good things about BiznusSoft and being able to work with us and get us started.”
"We were out of options. We looked at some of the other systems that were out there, and they wanted a huge amount of funds to even implement, and we still would’ve had to customize them.”
Clint Hoffman / Project Manager / Metercor Inc



This process often took about 7-10 days to complete, so when a management consulting firm recommended BiznusSoft to Facilitec, they found it was the answer they needed to provide a simple process for their employees and customers.


With the BiznusSoft Field Service and HR application, technicians are now able to take photos of each step of the exhaust cleaning process using their phones to attach to the work orders and submit for validation. With the click of a button, they can notify the customer that the job is complete with a detailed summary report. By incorporating BiznusSoft Field Service, Facilitec has eliminated 95% of their FedEx use, diminished the need to purchase digital cameras and replacing picture chips, all the while helping save the environment by not using as much paper for their work orders.


The result of streamlining the process has been a key benefit in meeting customer expectations and staying ahead from competition.

Facilitec West is the leading provider of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and Rooftop Grease Containment products in California, Arizona and Nevada. Their mission is to provide customers a safe work environment from fire risk that can be caused by grease build up from the kitchen exhaust system. In order to do so, they need a system that will provide a seamless and painless experience for their customers.


Initially, Facilitec had a lengthy and time-consuming process when it came to delivering work orders to customers. The orders were sent out once a month to all the branches, containing the assignments that needed to be completed that month. Once those work orders were completed for the week, the branches Fed Exed the paperwork, along with the digital camera chips that contained images of the work orders, back to the corporate office. There used to be a designated employee who dedicated 20-25 hours of their week to scan all the work orders, as well as download the images and upload to FileMaker.

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