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“All our notes were manual. We wanted something that could incorporate a single point of entry in the office.” 


“I’m super grateful that BiznusSoft Field Service was able to dedicate somebody that I could work with that is always available to help us to get to the next phase. I’m grateful for their commitment to us and not giving up, and I appreciate their willingness to grow with us, help understand our needs, and figure out ways to solve our problems.”   


Kerriann Barkley / Director of Corporate Innovation / AEG


The American Environmental Group (AEG) is regarded as the premier environmental consulting company in America. Their mission is to arm clients with the knowledge and tools to maintain an eco-friendly indoor environment. 


Although they were met with exponential growth in 2016-17, they were previously bound by a paper system that required nearly ten points of entry for the same job in different programs. 


AEG Securing a customized solution at AEG wasn’t a walk in the park from the get-go. An applicable solution took a while to locate and implement; however, perseverance paved the way to a working solution that BiznusSoft Field Service could surely provide. 


Smart Solution, The 360° Account View has bestowed AEG with increased visibility. Accounts, contracts, work orders, and quotes are a breeze to access, as all details are available to them through one platform. To manage both work and their growth with ease, moving to a robust, intricately customized work system was a key need. 


As AEG has a unique way of billing customers, they sought a solution that accommodated this uniqueness. Thanks to the BiznusSoft Solution, AEG now functions on a billing system that’s smart. 


Their billing system knows and understands how work orders and technicians are billed. AEG’s current solution is a far cry from their previous paper system, as billable hours are automatically calculated according to the company’s guidelines. 


Conclusively, the solution has helped them support their growth, level out, and become more robust in their operations. AEG also thrives with the unwavering support the BiznusSoft support team has granted them. 


From the moment their solution was implemented until the present day, technical support team members are always patient with them and willing to provide the occasional tweak.

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