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“Going from a spreadsheet to a system that has approvals and consolidated reporting has definitely been a tremendous advantage.”


“We had a combination of manual expense spreadsheets and timekeeping, and tying those back into our invoicing system was rough.” 


“The BiznusSoft team has been flexible and willing to work with us on a continual basis, and they’re able to take on new requirements in an agile fashion. Overall, we’ve really liked the support and ‘yes’ attitude we’ve received through that interaction.” 


Don Heikka / Senior Systems Analyst / Insight Software

Insight Software is a company that specializes in extracting and analyzing ERP data. They strive to promote better business insights. 


So, when their previous manual data input system proved tedious, they sought out easier-to-use software to let their own business thrive and to continue helping others’ do the same. 


Software As the partnership with BiznusSoft promised consolidated software and smooth operations at Insight at an affordable rate, the decision-making process was painless. 


Before long, tech restraints were pushed aside, and company growth would ensue. Let’s Talk Consolidation Insight Software’s new and improved software solution gives them a consolidated view of all HR reports. 


From an expense standpoint, this consolidated view and a uniform process they both manage and monitor with their reps have been “advantageous.”


Insight Software Consolidated reporting too is possible for Insight Software team members. They own a unified data set used for billing and financial reporting through their ERP program. 


Insight Software also revels in the so-called “custom process” their team has adapted following the shift from spreadsheets. 


With the BiznusSoft HR Solution, they’ve developed custom PSA applications. These intertwine with both the expense and time-tracking systems, respectively, enabling ease of access. Team members at Insight Software rave about the unwavering support they receive from the BiznusSoft HR team in a jam.

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